Weather & Fire
Threatened and Endangered Species   According to the Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks Web Site, most of Montana's wildlife species are in good and healthy stead. Some, however, are in need of special management and protection. Endangered species listed by Montana include the black-footed ferret, whooping crane, gray wolf, least tern, white sturgeon, and pallid sturgeon. Threatened species include the bald eagle, piping plover, grizzly bear; and two plants: the water howellia and the Ute ladies' tresses.
Differing Opinions   If you visit Montana, you should be aware that attitudes toward wildlife vary greatly between ranchers, sportsmen, and environmentalists. You can get some idea of the controversy by visiting The Montana Wildlife Society and Montana Wildlife Federation. The mission of the Montana Wildlife Society is "to serve and represent wildlife professionals in all areas of wildlife conservation and resource management." The mission of the Montana Wildlife Federation is " believing that the wildlife resources of Montana are valuable social, recreational, and aesthetic assets which should be restored, perpetuated, and conserved for this and future generations, realizing this can be achieved only through an aroused and enlightened opinion among the people of the state.)
Another wildlife group in Montana is. Gallatin Wildlife Association.
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