Weather & Fire
Bedding   The cabin contains 2 queen-size beds in the loft. There are blankets, coverlets, and pillows for each bed. You need to bring your own sheets and pillow cases. The livingroom downstairs has a wooden futon that unfolds as a double bed and a chair and footstool that reclines into a single bed. If you want to use these, you need to bring bedding.
One of 2 Beds in Loft (Click picture to enlarge.)
Food & Drink   The kitchen (20 feet by 10 feet) is equipped with basic cooking supplies: pots, skillets, bowls, dishes, and utensils. You need to bring your own food and drink. This can be purchased in Livingston, which is about 35 miles away, or in Clyde Park, which is only 15 miles to the west. The kitchen is also equipped with basic cleaning supplies, such as dish washing soap, dish cloths, cloth and paper towels. There is NO refrigerator. The creek is cold enough to keep beer and pop cold, but you need to bring your own cooler with ice OR plan to make trips to Clyde Park every other day to buy perishable foods.
Kitchen Table (Click picture to enlarge.)
Cooking   The kitchen has a wood burning stove. The cabin has a supply of wood for both the cooking stove in the kitchen and the heating stove in the livingroom. The kitchen has limited electricity from a propane generator.
Wood Cook Stove in Kitchen (Click picture to enlarge.)
Bathing & Toilet   The cabin has a hand-pump at the kitchen sink. The pump supplies clean, cold spring water, which is safe for cooking and drinking. The pump needs to be primed. If you do not know how to prime a pump, click here. There is a bath house outside the cabin.
Washing Clothes   The bath house has a washing machine, but no dryer.
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