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Rock Creek Trailhead   The National Forest Service maintains a trailhead on the property. The trail takes hikers up to Rock Lake and Smeller Lake. Each is about 7 miles as the crow flies---actual walking is farther. The site Hiking & Mountaineering in Montana rates the trails to the two lakes as follows.
  • Rock Creek Trail: Light use, Elevation 6800-9300 ft, Fair Conditions, Scenic upper and lower meadows. Used heavily by hunters in the fall.
  • Smeller Lake Trail: Medium use, Elevation 7000-9884 ft, Fair Conditions. Beautiful stream, lake, basin, and meadows (though the trail is easily lost here). Steep. Last mile not recommended for horses. Good back country trail.
Horses are allowed on the trail, but the last mile to Smeller Lake is not recommended for horses. If you are planning on hiking these trails, you might want to order a map of the Eastern half of the Gallatin National Forest. Or click here for a pdf map of the area. (This map is not nearly as good as the one you can buy from the National Forest Service.)
Minimize Your Impact   The National Forest Service trail will take you through both private and public lands. In either case, you should practice minimal impact hiking and camping.
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